Thank you for visiting the website for Fleetridge Two - a residential community of Point Loma in San Diego, CA.
We take pride in our homes and neighbors. This site was developed for prospective and current owners.

The Fleetridge Two Declaration of Restrictions was created to provide architectural guidelines that help sustain and protect the aesthetic integrity of our community as well as the property values of individual and neighboring homes. Prospective and current homeowners can review the architectural restrictions, then submit plans to the Architectural Review Committee, if applicable.

A recent Election was run, but a quorum was not met.  A new election will be held via mail in December 2022 for a new Architectural Review Committee of 5 board members.  Those running are:

John Alioto
Calli Behr
Mark Bruce
Melissa Hernholm Danzo
Eric Law
Michael Sindici 

Download Fleetridge Unit Number 2 Declaration of Restrictions

For questions or inquires contact:
(Please Include Phone Number)

Bruce Wm. Cook
Phone: 619-523-5234

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